Shoulder Tendinitis

Young woman grabbing her shoulder with an expression of pain because of an muscle injury.
The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. However, it pays the price for it's mobility ... Read more

Prevention and Cure of a Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles around the shoulder joint. They work as a unit helping to stabilize the shoulder joint and aid movement. The rotator cuff tendon is formed by the four tendons of these muscles which join to form one larger tendon attached to the humerus (at the top of the upper arm bone). It then passes through the subacromial space under the scapula. It is injury and inflammation of this rotator cuff which most often causes shoulder pain. This may be rotator cuff tendon... Read more

Supraspinatus Tendonitis causes prevention and cure

The supraspinatus (from the Latin supraspinatus) is a comparatively small muscle of the upper back that runs from a hollow in the shoulder blade (scapula) to the humerus (the long bone at the top of the arm). It is one of the muscles that stabilises and strengthens the shoulder. The main cause of supraspinatus tendonitis is continuous over-use of the muscle, causing small tears to occur in the fibres of the tendon. The supraspinatus tendon is at risk of being caught in the joint duri... Read more

Rotator Cuff Injury- Understand and Diagnose Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff injury is a very serious physical injury and if it is not treated immediately when identified, there is every chance that this injury could become a significant problem that is very difficult for doctors and physical therapists to treat. There is every possibility of the rotator cuff in the shoulders tearing to bits if not mended in the right fashion. To be able to treat this injury it is first important to be able to identify it. In order to know how to understand the symptoms of... Read more
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