Tecar Therapy

Tecar Therapy is a modality favoured by medical practitioners throughout Europe.

Unlike other treatment modalities that take many sessions with slower results, Tecar Therapy is a very fast acting modality, with a many patients feeling a significant improvement with a single visit.

An office based procedure that stimulates the body’s natural wound healing response, it delivers energy transcutaneously deep into the targeted tissue.


  • Non-Invasive

There is no down time needed and allows immediate return to work and normal daily activities.
As an externally applied treatment, it is also extremely comfortable.

  • Clinically Validated
Tecar Therapy is also supported by multiple medical studies proving effective results.
This explains its popularity with top level athletes and patients with difficult pain problems.
Although very well established in Europe, it is relatively new to Singapore.
As one of the pioneering physiotherapy clinics in Singapore offering Tecar Therapy, The Pain Relief Practice combines the latest in medical technology with skilled and experienced physiotherapists to offer excellent results.



If you suffer from difficult pain, aches or stiffness, simply call, SMS or WhatsApp 9337 6918 to find out how Tecar Therapy can quickly improve your condition.


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