Free Q tens

 Wireless Free Q Tens
 A new tchnology with a combination of TENS, EMS, ICT and Cupping Therapy at once!
         Now at only $285
Multi-Function Electrical Nerve Stimulater:
  • Electronic Acupuncture
  • Acute pain/ Chronical pain control
  • Slimming/ Beauty & Diet
  • Body toning & Muscle training
  • [Buhang]Vaccum Cup Therapy 
Benefits of Free Q Tens:
  • Increase blood flow
  • Relieves muscle cramp
  • Relieves pain & tissue tightness
  • Mobilize immune system
  • Muscles toning and training
  • Electro- Acupunture effects
  • Utilize fat and glycogen results for better contour

What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous [meaning ‘across skin’ Electrical Nerve Stimulation]. TENS is a safe and drug-free method of managing acute and long-term pain. TENS can also be used to stimulate the contraction of muscle fibres and as a non-invasive method of accupuncture point stimulation.

Free Q is the only Tens machine which uses wireless technology and does not require leads and electrodes which degenerate and need to be replaced regularly.

Free-Q’s use of water as a contact medium (no messy gels needed), remote control “one touch” operation, vacuum cup attachments and ingrained Nano-Silver technology for easy cleaning make Free-Q the easist to use TENS Machine on the market.



The advanced stimulation features of Free-Q such as the availability of medium frequency, low frequency and electro-acupuncture stimulation modes with multiple alternating wave frequencies within each mode and it is clear that Free-Q is the most advanced TENS unit available in the world today.


Free Q single electrode








Each Free-Q single electrode is a TENS unit in itself, having a positive (cathode) and negative (anode) pole within the same cup. This allows for individual adjustment of each electrode and the use of only one, or as many electrodes as required, all controlled by one lightweight remote control device. Single electrodes are best for local stimulation and treatment.

Features of Free Q

  • Wireless Operation
No wires to break or become caught in clothes and body parts.
  • No Gel Required
Water is used as the contact medium. Eliminates the mess and effort needed to apply and wipe off sticky gels.
  • Individual Settings of electrodes
Treatment mode and intensity can be adjusted for each electrode exclusively
  • Utilisation of Medium frequency currents
Up to 4800 Hz resulting in deeper tissue penetration and reduced irritation compared to normal tens units (1-200 Hz)
  • Five different treatment modes
Medium Frequency (2), Low Frequency (2), and electro-acupuncture stimulation modes.
  • One touch push button programming
No “fine-touching” of dials and switches
  • Remote control operation
    Easy operation of as many electrodes as required from the one unit
  • Alternating Wave Frequencies within Each Mode
Eliminates the “tolerance effect” and targets a wide range of pathologies.
  • Vacuum Cup Attachments
Eliminates the need for adhesive electrodes and mess caused by sticky gels
  • Nanover™ Nano-Silver Technology
Vacuum cups and electrodes are embedded with silver nano particles stabilised which possess a strong anti-microbial effect for advanced hygiene and easier cleaning.
  • Each electrode is a self contained unit!
An advantage over a standard tens device is the ability to program each electrode seperately. For example, you may want to treat your back and upper leg at the same time, each requiring a different stimulation mode.
Save $ >> No more having to buy replacement gel or electrodes!

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