Hip Osteoarthritis

Arthritis originate from 2 Greek words which means joint and inflammation. Therefore, Hiposteoarthritis simply means inflammation of the hip joint. This occurs mostly due to degeneration of thehip joint as a result of wear and tear. As we age, the wear and tear that is cause by weight bearingactivities makes our cartilage layer get damaged. Eventually, this layer of cartilage will disappear altogether causing bone on bone rubbing which then cause inflammation and pain to you. This process is called osteoarthritis and is the same process that happens in the knee, which is a more prevalent condition.

Risk Factors

Weight gain has been identified as the number one cause of osteoarthritis.As we get heavier, the forces that we put on our joints become greater.This makes the process of wear and tear to happen a lot quicker and hence it makes osteoarthritis to happen earlier in our lives. Age is another big indicator of osteoarthritis with sufferers from this condition being elderly. The older you are, the more likely it is that you will get osteoarthritis. Another risk factor is the level of physical activity you are doing. If you are more active,your muscles are likely to be stronger to protect your joint.

Is surgery a good option?

While surgery is one of the best ways to treat osteoarthritis (commonly done is joint replacement), it comes with a degree of risks.It depends on whether or not you have other health conditions like high blood pressure, heart or lung conditions and diabetes.People with these comorbidities have been shown to have a higher complication rate post-surgery.

What is the alternative?

There are several alternatives that are non-invasive. One of the best option is using a nutraceutical called Regenerix Gold. It is a supplement which has 5 herbal anti-inflammatories and collagen hydrolysate which helps stop the injury and repair the joint.Another good option is CRET (also called TECAR therapy).It is one of the latest in medical modalities development. Used by athletes all around the world to recover from injuries, it is very effective in reducing inflammation and hence relief you of pain.

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