Ligament Tear -Effective ways to Treat a Ligament Tear in the Foot

A ligament tear is a common internal injury that you can experience in your day to day life. It is normally known to occur in the feet as these are exposed to the external environment on a daily basis and if some heavy object happens to fall on your feet, there is every chance that one or two ligaments might tear easily. The result can be shooting pain in your feet causing you to not be able to move for days on end. The following are some of the effective ways by which you can get to recover from such an injury.

Keep the Injured Foot in Upright Position

One part of the body where the ligament tear can occur with a good deal of ease is the ankle. This is that part of the body which is the most vulnerable to bone and muscle injury without the use of which you cannot engage in mobility activities. Once a ligament does indeed tear in your ankle or any other part of your feet you need to go ahead and keep the injured foot in an upright position. By doing so, you will be able to prevent from putting too much weight on it and consequently the amount of pain that you would otherwise have experienced will be considerably reduced.

Use Compression Bandages

The second important step which you need to take for the treatment of a ligament tear is to wrap up the injured area with the use of compression bandages. Such bandages are those that are you can get to buy quite easily from any medicine store. You will also be able to buy them from medicine stores online. The bandages are not expensive and you can buy several at a time without hurting your budget. The purpose of the compression bandages is to keep the liquid surrounding the torn ligament area from forming some sort of a pool as this in turn could in result in the onset of some further internal injuries. The compression bandages need to be kept on for three weeks at least.

Apply an Ice Pack

Apply an ice pack on a regular basis on a regular basis if you want to recover from your ligament tear as soon as possible. The ice pack needs to be kept over the sprained area for a duration of thirty minutes or so. The application needs to be continuously done over two or three days. The use of the ice pack will prevent the blood vessels in the injured part of the foot from constricting. As a result the swelling of the foot will be brought down by a considerable degree. The ice pack should be covered with some protective material and then used over the foot.

Use over the Counter Medicines

Motrin, Tylenol and various others over the counter medicines can be taken to treat a ligament tear. These are approved of by doctors and can be taken by you no matter what your age is. However, if you are looking for something that relieves the pain immediately and recovers the ligaments at the same time, you might one go for the Regenerix Gold, a herbal based supplement that contains collagen for great results when it comes to tissue repair.

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