ice power hot roll

Now at only $26/- [75g] 
  • The application of the HOT Roll helps to improve circulation and make muscles warm and relaxed. 
  • The effect is based on ingredients such as camphor and capsaicin. Stimulated capillar circulation brings more oxygen to tissues and cells, thus contributing to the healing process. 
  • The gel has been designed to provide help in disorders of peripheral circulation, various types of aches and non-inflammatory pains and tensions. 
  • The IcePower HOT Roll is an excellent preparation for athletes and exercisers to prevent strains and ruptures.
  • Spread gel on the skin and massage it carefully into the skin. Effect begins not until one hour after application.
  • Treatment can be repeated 1–2 times a day when needed.
  • Sweating, sauna or warm clothing increases manifold the warm effect on the skin.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to capsaicin (chili). Never use warm therapies when having inflammation.
  • IcePower Hot Roll is not recommended used during pregnancy

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