Knee Arthritis

With a worldwide aging demographic pattern, it is a well known phenomenon that many people around the world are suffering from the problem of knee pain. Knee pain due to degenerative osteoarthritis, also known as “wear and tear” of the knee cartilage, together with knee injuries and other types of knee arthritis, cause millions of people to experience excruciating pain with every step they take. The pain is often described as worse when they are walking on slopes or stairs, as well as squatting, kneeling or getting up from a seating position.

The burden this places on society in terms of sick days, time off work, cost of medications as well as of knee surgery is well documented. By some estimates, the cost of a single knee surgery in the United States can rage from USD$16 772 to USD$61 585.

The impact this condition has on the lives of sufferers personally is even more severe, resulting in lost social interactions due to reduced mobility, depressed moods, and the misery associated with chronic pain.

It is well known that many patients find that traditional treatments for knee pain to be less than ideal.

Medications have been well documented to have a significant risk of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver and kidney side effects when taken over the longer term.


According to the UK, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2014), visco-supplementation, also known as “knee lubricant injections”, has fallen out of favor due to limited benefits and the associated risks and costs.


Even glucosamine supplements popular over the past few decades have been reported in multiple studies to have limited benefit.

Fortunately, medical science has progressed at an incredible pace these past few years and a number of new, non-invasive and cost effective solutions to knee pain are now readily available.

One such solution is Regenerix Gold, a knee repair supplement produced through the enzymatic hydrolysis of collagenous tissue, combined with a number of powerful anti-inflammatory herbs.Published research shows that when taken as an oral supplement, collagen hydrolysate is absorbed, accumulates in joint cartilage, and stimulates the repair activity of knee cartilage.

MD Therapeutics

According to British Physiotherapist Ms Cara Cullen, “when someone takes Regenerix Gold, the powerful anti-inflammatory herbs, when combined with the tissue regenerative abilities of collagen hydrolysate, gives amazing results in both speedy pain relief as well as long term recovery.”


To find out more about how Regenerix Gold can help your knee pain, visit:

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For people who suffer more severe pain and need a faster solution, the Indiba Activ Pro Recovery System treatment used by multiple Olympic athletes gives very good results.



Used for years in Europe and Japan, the Indiba Activ has in recent years been introduced to Singapore as a treatment option for knee pain.

According to Dr Terence Tan of The Pain Relief Clinic, the treatment is a very comfortable, externally applied, non-invasive treatment using long wave radio frequencies and has given very good results to patients.

Indiba Activ Rapid Recovery System For Muscle and Joint Pain


With so many new effective solutions available for the treatment of knee pain, it is really a shame that so many people continue to live in misery not knowing that an active life free from knee pain is easily within reach.

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