Medical Massage: Therapy

The stresses of modern Singapore life often gives most of us a certain sense of stress, tension as well muscular aches and pain.

Due to the daily stress we put on our spine, up to 80% of us will at one point or another in our lives suffer from neck and back pain.

As a way to pleasurably release our body tension and relieve aches and pains, massage therapy has become very popular in Singapore.

From Acupressure in Chinese reflexology shops, to Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai massage in the numerous spas around, different people have experienced the relaxing effect of a good massage.

The Limitations Of Standard Massages:

Almost all massage therapy is aimed at reducing tension and bringing about relaxation of our muscles.

Unfortunately, there is often an underlying stress, muscle or joint problem that is not treated..

As a result, the relaxing effects of massage are almost always temporary as the underlying problem in our body tissue is left untreated.

Medical Massage:

Professional physiotherapists have long had a history of using our medical training and understanding of the human body to perform effective sports and medical massages.

Most athletes and serious sports enthusiasts have long known of the ability of physiotherapists to perform more effective body massage to optimize their performance.

The key differences between medical massages performed by physiotherapists and massages by other massage practitioners include include:

-Precise muscular problem areas are targeted to achieve faster pain relief.

-Long term benefits of releasing spinal and other joint pressures through medical mobilisation therapy, a gentle but very effective technique.

-Correction of muscle tone imbalances to achieve more long term pain relief.


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