Sports Recovery Program

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Sports Recovery Program
At The Pain Relief Practice, we understand that the body of a person playing sports is different from a normal person. By combining advanced technology and more than 10 years of experience, we can help you to speed up your recovery and achieve your functional goals. We provide prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of sports-related injuries with emphasis to enhance your performance.

Join the sports recovery program now if you need:
1. Post-surgical rehabilitation
2. Fast recovery from injury
3. Specific exercises for sports injury prevention
4. Individually tailored exercise to improve your performance

The Sports Recovery Program may include:

1. Radiofrequency Therapy
Uses radio-frequency energy to accelerate natural healing processes, reducing        your pain and inflammation in the joint or muscle from the first session

2. Physiotherapy Exercises
Muscle specific stretching and strengthening to maximize function of your muscles

3. Deep Tissue Release
Release the tension of deep muscles not accessible by normal massage.

4. Plyometric Drills
A very important part of sports rehab to improve explosive strength and sports performance

5. Sports Specific Training
A customized exercise program specific to your sports to facilitate safely return to play 

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