Trochanteric Bursitis Diagnosis and Treatment

While this may sound a very complex illness, what it actually means is that the patient is suffering problems with the hip area. To understand this, try to imagine bones moving and areas between them that help the bones to move without any problem. In the hip area these are called the bursa and there are two of them.

Bursa are also located in other areas of the body where there are larger joints, such as elbows, knees, shoulders, etc. and what happens when these become inflamed is that the pain which is caused is known as bursitis.

Diagnosis and treatment

The doctor will examine the patient to establish the exact area of pain. This gives them an indication of what is happening in the body to cause that pain. Quite often a patient will be referred to a musculoskeletal specialist, who will further investigate the causes of the pain. These are specialists who can administer corticosteroid injections as a temporary pain relief to the patient who will then be monitored on a monthly basis.

A doctor can usually tell from the way that a patient walks or responds to different movements whether they are suffering from trochanteric bursitis.

The patient may also be treated by being asked to rest and to avoid lying on the affected side. Ice treatments may help, as maynonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers.

Physical therapy exercises and stretches may also help an otherwise active patient to regain a little of the mobility that was possible after the trochanteric bursitis episode, although this will only give temporary relief.

Problems with traditional treatment

Although traditional treatments can help ease the pain, they tend not to deal with the long term problem. Recent scientific advances point toward natural regenerative methods that help to build up the collagen in the body so as to strengthen it against illnesses of this nature. Regenerix Gold is one of those, though the powerful ingredients may help patients to recover from pain while the body heals itself with the introduction of collagen hydrolysate. Much more potent than former natural products, Regenerix Gold tackles pain, inflammation and regeneration of precious cartilage thus giving the patient an opportunity to feel healthier quicker.

Anti-inflammatory drugs cause discomfort in many patients and regular painkillers are only a temporary solution, though the treatment shown above, taken as part of the daily regime can help restore the balance of the body’s cartilage so that pain is less and cartilage is restored.

How the individuals can help themselves

For otherwise healthy people who decide to take a more natural approach, learning the exercises given by specialists can assist. Gentle exercise suited in a particular case can be discussed with a musculoskeletal specialist and can be incorporated into the lifestyle. Losing weight and sticking to a balanced diet will also be beneficial to the patient, who is encouraged to play their part in the healing and care of the body. With natural treatments as part of a day to day dietary plan, much can be done by the patient to relieve the symptoms of trochanteric bursitis.

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