Physiotherapy with advanced and safe techniques

IMG_1684The Pain Relief Practice is Singapore’s first physiotherapy clinic specializing in the treatment of complex pain.

Using advanced tissue repair techniques based on the latest scientific developments in physical therapy, our physiotherapists are dedicated to helping patients achieve freedom from pain.

Many of our patients have been through trials of many other treatments (including “standard physiotherapy”) without success before finding relief with our advanced pain treatment technologies.

We’re committed to achieving good results—especially with persistent pain, degeneration and difficult conditions.

We understand that being in pain is a stressful, unpleasant experience.

It can have an impact on many areas of your life – activity levels, work, social life, relationships and psychological well-being. People often feel that they are no longer in control of their lives. We are here to help you be free from pain.

The Pain relief PracticeThe Pain relief PracticeThe Pain relief Practice

 Our Treatment Are Particularly Effective For:

Neck Ache Pain
Stiffness Back Ache
Knee Ache Shoulder pain
Frozen Shoulder Rotator Cuff Injuries
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis
Joint Wear and Tear Muscle aches and pain
Sprains and Strains Supraspinatous Tendinitis
Bursitis Tennis Elbow
Slipped Discs Plantar Fasciitis

Why Choose The Pain Relief Practice?

While there are many clinics in Singapore where one can find a good physiotherapist, almost all emphasize either:

  1. Exercise and Stretches: while helpful over the long run as a supportive approach, is slow in producing results and does not treat most underlying diseases.
  2. Standard modalities like Heat and Ultrasound: which have in published studies been shown to produce minimal results for complex and degenerative conditions.


At The Pain Relief Practice, our aim is to permanently treat the underlying cause of your pain in as short a time as possible. We use a unique combination of precise manual therapies, as well as clinically proven medical technology.

We offer a specialized program using a combination of TECAR Therapy and Shockwave, both amazingly effective treatments based on the latest scientific developments.

TECAR Therapyback pain tecar

A non-invasive treatment used by clinics throughout Europe, TECAR Therapy is widely endorsed by Olympic professionals and allows patients to feel a clear improvement with a single treatment. By promoting actual recovery from injury, it is one of the most powerful medical technologies available for patients with pain conditions.




An internationally recognized advanced solution used by top medical centres in Singapore for well over a decade, Shockwave uses powerful acoustic energy to stimulate deep tissue repair. Unfortunately it’s popularity had previously been limited to people able to afford the premium charges of most clinics. What we have done at The Pain Relief Practice is to take an established medical treatment and bring its price down to a much more affordable level.

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